Our 20 year old son & brother, T.J. Wiebe was brutally murdered on January 5th, 2003. As a result of this horrific tragedy, a special fund, the “TJ’s Gift Foundation”, was born. Please see “History” for details.

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what do these
programs do?

• Educate young people about the various drugs and their true effects

• Help change the attitudes that make it seem “cool” to use drugs

• Help young people feel confident in their abilities to say “No!” to drug use

  1. Address the social norms that make it seem that it is “OK” to use drugs


The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial assistance to students participating in programs that promote peer-led drug abuse education; in other words, students educating students.

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Floyd Wiebe

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Karen Wiebe

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FAX: 204-272-3340

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38 Hawkins Cres. Winnipeg, MB  R2N 1G9

Registered Charity CRA: 807208897RR0001



Your corporation can help kids make safe choices, and as well show the community that you support drug education in schools.

TJ’s Gift Foundation Inc.

TJ Changed My Life...

“Hey Floyd I've signed it and I'll be living a Drug Free life for now on. Thank you for having Rockin For Choices I've really enjoyed it. I'll never forget about it. You and Karen changed my life with that concert”  (Sent a photo of the signed pledge card and wristband) 
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TJ’s Video - ChoiceS

Messages from kids

Rockin for choices

12 min re-cap