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School Programs

About School Programs

TJ’s Gift will provide financial assistance to kids for programs that promote drug abuse awareness through peer education: Students educating students. These projects often, but not always, occur through schools.


These programs should:

-educate young people about the various drugs and their true effects

-help change the attitudes that make it seem “cool” to use drugs

-help young people feel confident in their abilities to say “not” to drug use

-address the social norms that make it seem OK to use drugs


Access to this fund is available through the TJ’s Gift Foundation and application should provide the details of the proposed project.


All participants in a proposed program must be prepared to pledge their non-involvement in illegal drug use, the promotion of illegal drugs or trafficking in illegal drugs.


The Pledge

“It is my pledge that I am not

currently involved with illegal drugs.

Further, it is my pledge that I will do my utmost

to help educate my peers about the dangers

of involvement with illegal drugs.”


The Process

Students and teachers should design a project where they first learn about a chosen aspect of drug involvement and then devise a project where they can share their information with other youth. They must submit a project plan to the Foundation for approval along with an application for funding (see below). They must include signed oaths of non-drug involvement from each participant. Once approval has been granted, the funding will be forwarded to the group and the project may proceed. Organizers of the project are asked to obtain permission from parents for photographs to be taken during the project where possible.


Project presenters are encouraged to make pledge cards (available from TJ’s Gift Foundation free of charge) for non-drug involvement available to their audience participants.


When the project has been completed, a written report detailing the results of the program must be forwarded to the Foundation. Photographs (if taken) should be forwarded with the report. Future support from the Foundation will depend on this report being submitted.

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