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September 23, 2014

Correction Service Canada


This letter is in regards to Chad Handsor and his request for ETA’s for Community Service, Personal Development, Administrative and Family Contact.


At the outset, it is very upsetting to even respond to this request, as it once again reminds us that Chad Handsor brutally murdered our 20 year-old-son TJ Wiebe. No one reading this can possibly understand what we are feeling unless you have lost a child through murder. We have no information as to Handsor’s remorse or rehabilitation whatsoever, and without such information how effective is our opinion?


That being said, we can only hope that this individual can gain something during these ETA’s to help him rehabilitate himself and hopefully become a better person than he was 11 years ago. Reading “Family Contact” is particularly hurtful to us, as TJ cannot “apply for “Family Contact”. He’s dead, as a result of Handsor’s direct actions.


We can only hope that Handsor, when he reads this and the CSC staff who eventually allow these ETA’s, not only think of his needs, but keep in mind, what brought him to this stage in his life. A murder of a person because of personal greed.


Karen & Floyd Wiebe

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