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We are looking for young artists and young writers who would be interested in contributing to a collection to go into the very first, TJ’s Gift Anthology. 

TJ’s Gift Foundation will pay the expenses for projects that kids prepare to help other kids avoid drug involvement.

Open to all grades 7 – 12 students.

TJ’s Gift is looking for young authors and illustrators who would be interested in writing and illustrating a children’s book that would bring hope to children coming from homes in which addiction is an issue.

An annual "battle" to promote drug awareness in high schools, encouraging youth to make the right choice when it comes to drugs. Open to all garage bands in grades 9-12.

Open to all garage bands in grades 9-12.

TJ’s Gift Foundation will present its Rockin’ For Choices Concert. A local Winnipeg band(s) will speak to the kids about their personal choices to stay away from drugs.

Open to all grades 7 – 12 students.

A conference to equip students with valuable tools and resources to go back to their communities as leaders and mentors, armed with the knowledge of drug awareness, to help themselves and their peers to make good choices.

Open to grades 9-12 from Northern Communities.

Champion Awards was established to recognize individuals and groups who have inspired young people to avoid drug involvement, or individuals or groups who have supported youth in their efforts to be drug free

Open to 1) individuals or organizations who work in the field to help kids avoid drug involvement, 2) volunteers that support kids in avoiding drug involvement, 3) young people, under the age of 18, who are supporting their peers in Avoiding drug involvement.



There are many high quality fictional books that are good reading for young people and that can help them understand the impact of drug involvement. A list of recent books and a synopsis of each is provided in this section. The books themselves are available at local booksellers.

Leadership workshops are designed according to the age and needs of particular groups of young people as identified by their teachers/leaders. They are provided by a trained professional teacher and are given free of charge. These workshops are interactive in nature. Their purpose is to help young people develop the skills to be able to make safe choices for themselves as well as skills that can influence their friends to avoid drug involvement.



The subject of healthy living and avoidance of drug involvement is a part of the Manitoba Phys Ed Curriculum. Links to that Curriculum can be
found here.

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