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Champion Awards

Apply today HERE! Nominations must be received by March 31, 2024.


Who are TJ’s Champions? 


The TJ’s Champions Award was established to recognize individuals and groups who have inspired young people to avoid drug involvement, or individuals or groups who have supported youth in their efforts to be drug free. They are role models and advocates, who use their talents, vision and determination to help young people...“Choose to be Drug Free”. 


General Information


There are three categories for the TJ’s Champions Awards.


1. The TJ’s Champions Youth Award

For youth under the age of 18 who are working with other kids to help them “Choose to be Drug Free”. 


2. The TJ’s Champions Volunteer Award

For adults who volunteer their time to help kids “Choose to be Drug Free”.


3. The TJ’s Champions Service Award

For adults or groups who are working to help kids “Choose to be Drug Free”.


Other Information


Nominees for the TJ’s Champions Awards must be residents of Manitoba.


Any individual, group or organization may act as nominator.


Incomplete submissions will be returned.


Nomination Packages must be received by March 31.


The TJ’s Champions Award recognizes individuals and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds. The completed Nomination Package is what the Selection Committee uses to make its decisions for the recipients of the Awards. It is, therefore, critical that each nominee’s accomplishments and contributions are explained with as much detail as possible. 


The Nomination Package


The Nomination Form is available here or by requesting one from Karen Wiebe, Executive Director of the TJ’s Gift Foundation, at or 204-228-2540.


The Package must include

  1. A Statement of Nomination, giving specific examples of the nominee’s achievements and contributions and showing the impact that they have move in those areas (should not exceed 1 page).

  2. Two letters of support. These letters should not repeat achievements and contributions already provided by the nominator The nominator must not be a letter writer. Letters must be signed by the letter writer, (including those submitted electronically). Contact information for the letter writer must be provided on each letter.


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