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Soaring Eagles Conference

The Soaring Eagles Conference is open to, but not limited to, students from more remote communities in Manitoba. It occurs in the fall and the next conference will be in October 2016.


The Soaring Eagles Conference is an opportunity for small groups of students and chaperons to come into Winnipeg for a leadership conference. Sessions are offered by local organizations such as AFM, Teen Talk, Police, RaY and so on. All sessions are open to all students and chaperons. 


The types of workshops and sessions are:

- leadership

- peer mentoring

- drug and gang avoidance

- resiliency


An elder is on residence, so that students who need to talk to someone can do so. 


Schools should keep watching the website for more information. 


The Soaring Eagles Conference is offered on a cost-recovery basis and the fees will be advertised in the Spring 2016.

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