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Battle of the Bands 2021 was delayed to 2022 due to COVID 19, but with the case numbers being so high, it has again been delayed, now indefinitely. Stay tuned for future developments!

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands is open to all high school garage bands. It is an opportunity for kids in bands to play in front of other musicians and to receive constructive feedback about their band. The judges are local musicians and are not associated with the management of the Foundation. 
This years Battle was held at the West End Cultural Centre on November 25, 2018. There were 6 bands that participated, along with our professional band, Jekyll and the Hydes. 


First prize was the producing and recording of a complete song by Bedside Studios. That prize went to Memorial Brigade. These students study music together at the Music Cellar.


The second prize was a $500 gift certificate from Quest Musique and TJ’s Gift Foundation. That prize went to Oversteer. These students study music together at the School of Rock.


Third, fourth, fifth and sixth prizes went to Muir, the Mandys, Headrush and Less Than Well (in no particular order).

The Battle of the Bands is always free of charge to enter. Tickets for the audience are available from band members or from TJ’s Gift Foundation.


Contact Karen Wiebe at for further information.

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