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Our Logo

  1. A logo needs to represent who we are and where we evolved from. 

  2. The logo depicts a person

  3. The logo shows a stylized “TJ”, our son’s name

  4. The logo shows a person that is broken and separate. The left side shows the more prominent side, the side that most people see. The right side shows a smaller aspect of the person, not on the same level as the other... is clearly separated... and, although the same colour, it is shaded… almost hiding from the other. This concept is based on TJ’s words to his mother, shortly before he was murdered… “Mom, you have no idea how hard I have worked to keep this from you…” He was speaking of his drug involvement.

  5. In the word, “GIFT”, the letter “F” is connected to the letter “T”. This shows the connection from one person to another through the passing of a gift, a gift of hope.

  6. Finally, the logo shows a single person, not a group, as our foundation believes we are successful if we save one child at a time, and we are…

  7. The logo was designed by Floyd Wiebe, always TJ’s dad...

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