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Drugs give you the wings to fly... they also take away the sky... 

High school students from outside Winnipeg, including as far North as Churchill, have been invited to the three Soaring Eagles Conferences. Our hopes are to give these students valuable tools and resources to go back to their communities as leaders and mentors, armed with the valued knowledge of drug awareness, to help themselves and their peers to make good choices. All three years have been amazing successes.

Conference Goals:


• to support peer leaders

• to tackle drug abuse

• to become a peer mentor

• to build self-esteem

• to provide resources 

•to know about legal supports

• to understand the focus of gangs

Sessions Given:


• peer mentoring        

• drug education         

• creative writing   

• gangs education         

• leadership

• resiliency

• legal issues

• expression in the arts/sports



• Opportunities to meet with Elders and Police privately throughout the conference.

•Lots of “take-home” items to use and give away.

See more images here.

See more images here.

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