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Welcome to TJ's Gift Foundation

TJ's Gift Foundation

Our 20 year old son & brother, T.J. Wiebe, was brutally murdered on January 5th, 2003. As a result of this horrific tragedy, TJ’s Gift Foundation was born.


The purpose of the Foundation is to help youth, “Choose to be Drug Free”, through a variety of means, including funding projects where young people help other young people avoid drug involvement.

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TJ's Gift Presentations

The TJ’s Gift Foundation is happy to support presentations where Karen Wiebe, mother of TJ Wiebe, will come out to speak to your organization about her experiences and TJ’s Story. School Presentations are offered by TJ’s Gift Foundation, free of charge. Donations are gratefully appreciated. Learn more here.

TJ’s Gift Foundation


Another fabulous event has come and gone for another year!

Thank you to our Sponsors!


Manitoba Justice

Johnston Insurance

Frontier School Division

Louis Riel School Division

Red Road Lodge

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Thursday, May 15, 2025


Little One is a book for children who are coming from homes where there may be issues of addiction. It was written and illustrated by kids, for kids! Students from Frontier School Division wrote this book and students from Seine River School Division illustrated it. 

“Be brave, little one, Know that what you are feeling is temporary, Look up to the sky, Little One, and feel the peace. You have that within you. Look up to the sky, little one. Know that you are worth more than life itself.”

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Hear more about TJ Wiebe's story and the importance and value of making good and healthy choices. 

Learn more about the work that TJ's Gift Foundation is doing and the impact it is having on kid's lives.

TJ's Gift Champion Awards


TJ’s Gift Champion Awards will be open all year for nominations.
Please submit a nomination before March 31.

Apply here.

TJ’s Champions Award was established to recognize individuals and groups who have inspired young people to avoid drug involvement or individuals or groups who have supported youth in their efforts to be drug-free


Open to 1) individuals or organizations who work in the field to help kids avoid drug involvement, 2) volunteers that support kids in avoiding drug involvement, 3) young people, under the age of 18, who are supporting their peers in Avoiding drug involvement.


School Projects

TJ’s Gift Foundation will pay the expenses for projects that kids prepare to help other kids avoid drug involvement.

​Open to all grades.

Rockin’ for Choices

A Concert open to all grades 7 – 12 students, free of charge. TJ’s Gift works with various bands who present a concert, along with their statements and beliefs about why they are not involved in drugs. TJ’s Story is shared by TJ’s Mom and opportunities are given for students to link themselves to TJ’s Gift through social media. All students receive pledge cards and wristbands at the concert. 


Battle of the Bands

An annual battle to promote drug awareness in high schools, encouraging youth to make the right choice when it comes to drugs. Open to all garage bands in grades 9-12. Two bands were awarded prizes this year. Please see the Battle of the Bands page for the update on these two amazing bands!

Soaring Eagles Conference

A conference to equip students with valuable tools and resources to go back to their communities as leaders and mentors, armed with the knowledge of drug awareness, to help themselves and their peers to make good choices.​ Open to grades 9-12 from Remote Communities.


Curriculum Links

Joan Zaretsky, Ph.D. has gone through the Manitoba Physical Education Curriculum and linked it’s outcomes to TJ’s Gift.


This is a comprehensive tool showing the ways that TJ’s Gift Foundation can assist Phys Ed teachers in handling this difficult section on health in the Manitoba Curriculum.

 Teacher Resources

This reading list of fictional novels about kids and the effects of their involvement with drugs, includes a synopsis of each book. It is a valuable tool for teachers and parents in their efforts to get kids to think about what getting involved with drugs will mean in their lives.

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