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Battle of the Bands


First Prize Winner of a 10 Hour Recording Session at Private Ear Recordingwas

Black Jacket Armada from Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. 


Black Jacket Armada                                    

Matthew Hodgins, Dom Gibson, Ray Peters, Justin LeBlanc, Lucas Wichenko


Second Prize Winner of a $500.00 Gift Certificate from Long & McQuade was

SOMA from College Jeanne Sauve.



Justin Delorme, Julien Riel, Mario Lagasse, Jordan Waters, Stephen Kurz


Third Prize Winner of a $500.00 Gift Certificate from Long & McQuade was

Coalition from JH Bruns Collegiate



Weston Walker, Colin Walker, Zane Zinkiewicz, Sylvanna Luong, Liam Naughten


Here are the other 4 GREAT BANDS!


Blame The Television - COLLEGE JEANNE SAUVE

Jared Kist, Jordan Waters, Zak Pion, Tyler Kotowski


Sacred Iron Crypt (S.I.C)  - GLENLAWN COLLEGIATE                                  

Dan Waycik, Myles Mayo Tarvis, DJ Willison,  Brendan Murphy, Tom Blicq, Dylan Copeland



Clinton Wazny, Jason Marks, Logan Helbig. Garrett Fache, Sean Donnelly



Adam Larson , Spencer Briercliffe , Spencer Pries 


After the 7 bands were done, we had two Special Performances by InHumane Rampage and Maximum  SIXTY

OUR MC was Dave Wheeler from Power 97 and our celebrity list of judges were Ace Burpee and Bubba B from HOT 103, Chad Wiebe, our son and TJ's Bro, and Steve Crooks from Dreadnaut. They formed a great team and really had fun and made it fun for the rest of us.


The Battle of the bands was a 150% success. We cant think of anything to improve upon. The kids were amazing. The major accomplishment was the fact that the 35 kids from the 7 bands were so pumped, stoked, (that means excited for you old of being there. We were told by many that this was the best organized Battle they had ever been involved in. Blake Houston and Braydon Cullins from InHumane Rampage were so great at helping us organize this concert. They had fantastic ideas and we really enjoyed working with them. Thanks guys. About 300 people showed up, and we even had our own Mosh PIT, thanks to Sacred Iron Crypt starting the night with some awesome chest pounding rock!


The Winnipeg Media was amazing!

Winnipeg Sun's Lawrie Mustard did a plug in his paper before the show with a picture of my son Chad Wiebe wearing a Battle of the Bands T Shirt. He also did an great interview with me that is online at Sun Speaks! Thanks to Laurie and Publisher Kevin Klein who also attends our gala.


CTV showed up before the show and did an intro news piece with Karen on the 5:30 news and came back again when the concert was on and did another news piece with Floyd on the 11:30 news. They interviewed Justin Delorme from SOMA but unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor. Susan Tymofichuk, CTV news anchor interviewed me a lot during our trials, and I know she helped make this happen. Thank you Susan and  CTV! 


Winnipeg Free Press reporter Jennifer Pawluk also did a great article, and sent a photog to publish a great picture of Sacred Iron Crypt, the first performing band. Thanks to Margo Goodhand, the Free Press Editor, who comes to our gala for sending out a reporter.

See more images here.

See more videos here.

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