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2013 Battle of the Bands

Our 5th battle of the bands was absolutely amazing! We had 9 High School Bands try out for the 6 top spots at the Semi-Finals at Dakota Collegiate on Dec. 1, and the Finals for 6 bands was held at the West End Cultural Centre on Dec. 8, 2013.


Thank you so much to Blake H, James Roth, Ronnie Ladobruk & Sam Trachilis for being our fantastic Judges! Thank you also to Tyler Wagar, Josh Beaupre, & Kris Silvari for helping us set up and looking after the staging of the bands. Thanks to Tom Nuytten, Stacey Wiebe & Chad Wiebe for looking after the front door with ticket sales. Thanks to Tyler Wager, Dale Penner, Josh Beaupre and Kris Silvari for being the fantastic Judges at the Dec 1. Semi Finals! Thank you to Dale Penner from Paradise Alley Productions and Sam Trachilis at Quest Musique for donating ALL of the prizes!


A special thank you to Greg Dwornick, who picks up equipment, brings his own equipment, and helps Karen and I hours and hours of work. He sets up the stage and rips it down, he brings 4 video cameras, and spends countless hours putting them together for the bands and for the Foundation. We can't thank him enough. And btw he makes T Shirts! Even makes our TJ T Shirts! Greg owns Crazy Maiden!


opens up the show with


Way to rock it Ronnie!!!

1st Place

10 Hour Recording 


Windsor Park Collegiate Session

2nd Place

$500 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

3rd  Place

$175 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


St. James Collegiate

4th Place

$175 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


Churchill High School

5th Place

$100 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


Kildonan East Collegiate

6th Place

$100 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


Shaftesbury High School

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