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The TJ’s Gift Foundation hosts this battle annually to promote drug awareness in high schools. 

This “Battle” encourages youth to make the “right” choice when it comes to drugs.

The Battle of the Bands is open to all high school garage bands. It is an opportunity for kids in bands to play in front of other musicians and to receive constructive feedback about their band. The judges are local musicians and are not associated with the management of the Foundation. 
This years Battle will be held at the West End Cultural Centre on February 9, 2020.


Prizes will include a recording opportunity, a $500 gift certificate from a local music store among other prizes.


Registration for the Battle of the Bands is free. To register for Battle of the Bands, contact Karen at


Tickets for audience attendance will be available from bands and from TJ’s Gift Foundation 2 weeks before the event.




Equipment Supplied at Semi at Final Battles

  1. We will be supplying a GREAT set of equipment, generously loaned to us, have no fear! The ONLY things you may bring besides your guitars are things like keyboards (we do not supply a keyboard), double pedals for the drum, guitar pedals etc. If you need extra cymbals, bring them, but set up is part of your 20 minutes. You are NOT allowed to bring your own amps. 

  2. All equipment is being donated, and therefore, any equipment that is damaged will be charged to the band that damaged it. The registration form will be your agreement to pay any damages caused.




  1.  At least 50% of band members must be enrolled in High School. Bands must register under the school where the majority of their members attend.

  2.  Bands must have at least one original song.

  3.  Bands will play at 20 minute intervals, with a 5 minute set up time and a 15 minute playing time. Any set up times longer than 5 minutes will be deducted from the 15 minute playing time. Bands need to keep their equipment with them when preparing to perform so that they can make the transition from audience to performer as fast as possible.

  4.  Only one band from a school will participate at the Semi-Finals and Finals. Only the first band applying from a school will be accepted.




First Prize


The winning band will have a choice of:

A recording opportunity at Bedside Studio for 1 complete song, produced and mixed –

up to 15 hours of time in a recording studio! 


25 single colour custom printed T-shirts!



Second Prize

$500 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


3rd Prize

$250 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


4th  Prize

$100 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


5th  Prize

$75 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique


6th Prizes

$50 Gift Certificate from Quest Musique

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